Our Mission


Our purpose is to present a rich array of culturally diverse performing arts, literal arts, and visual arts in order to educate, enlighten, enrich, and entertain citizens of all ages while providing leadership and support to advance cultural arts and nourish appreciation for various art forms in the community. Creative Arts Academy will place equal emphasis on academics as well as performing arts, visual arts and literal arts. Our academic curriculum will help children in an integrated program with a student-centered environment that provides safety and enjoyment while students grow and pursue knowledge and skills.


We firmly believe that the arts can change young lives for the better by offering an opportunity to learn discipline, gain a sense of achievement, develop mentally and grow in confidence and self-respect. Our efforts are guided by the following goals:
Students improve their education; take pride in accomplishing goals, team work, good social skills, self-worth, and positive musical development.
Students will perform competently on a musical instrument, learn to read music, how to listen affectively, and become positive role models.